The “slave vines” were cultivated on the Limestone (or Taibane) in Brobbia, on the Coasts, in the Contrà of the castle and of the Cavagina (San Marco).

The history of the Ferrari family in Gambellara has been traced back to the first half of the 1400s, as evidenced by the numerous documents of sale of the direct descendants. The Ferrari family lived and cultivated the Gambellara region over the centuries. They were growing vineyards and olive trees all over the territory, and in particular, in Monte San Marco where the Ballast Estate is located.

In the XIII and XIV centuries  the farm reached remarkable dimensions of 6-8 fields, out of 16 on Monte di Mezzo.

The maps of the “Austrian land register” from the 19th century prove that many lands on the Monticello coast were vineyards and belonged to Ferrari Gioacchino.

The property above the quarry and S. Marco was inherited in 1863 by Gio. Batta and by Domenica del Fu Gioacchino Ferrari.

In 1880 his sons Giovanni and Gioacchino took over. There are photos from the 1920s of the Ferrari vineyards, with the excavation of the vineyard near the valley. Among these vineyards, alongside the municipal park of San Marco, stands the winery of Gianluca Ferrari. He is proud of Garganega and Durella grape sorts that grow on this rich soil of volcanic origin. With the classic method these vines keep the minerality and taste of these rich lands.